Media is Media

This week we will have another great interview, this time Alix Paultre of Electronic Products. but while I put the finishing touches on the editing I thought I'd make a small comment on the nature of media.

I was in a meeting with a potential client today discussing the state of the media (what else) and the question that came up was, is the print media worthless now?

And the answer is, no.

What a lot of people don't realize is that the new media is essentially run by the old media. Hearst, CMP, Reed, Penton, BZ Media are all still publishing print publications and their circulations are generally holding steady, if not climbing. So let's be clear, media is still media, and to be successful, you need to spend time developing relationships with them and supporting them if you want to get covered.

Remember, the market is a conversation. Ignore it at your peril.