Nuts and Bolts with Alix Paultre

This post includes and audio interview ( link ) with Alix Paultre, executive editor of Electronic Products of Hearst Media. Alix is tall, well spoken, always optimistic, a snappy dresser and a successful science fiction novelist. All of which covers the fact that he is a total tech geek. In another universe he'd wear horn-rimmed glasses, flooded slacks and white socks with dress shoes.
He's also a very savvy journalist and he kicks off this interview with a well-aimed rebuke at corporate arrogance. Right now, Electronic Products is one of the few B2B publications that can be magnanimous with coverage of industries that don't support the free press. But if all you're trying to do is hawk your wares in his magazine, learn to live with disappointment. It's the big picture they are looking at.
And getting covered in Electronic Products may be one of the next best things to having an Asian PR agency. Their partnerships with Asian publications is impressive. Check it out.