Latest change and a clarification

Just heard that Greg Lupion, long time exec editor for EE Times, just had his job eliminated. Greg was the guy that coordinated the efforts of editors all over the globe for EE Times and made their writing better as the chief copy editor. But the reduction of the editorial force made his job redundant. Stay tuned, folks, Good stuff is happening.

Also, the primary question that has come back on the podcast last week is, "So what does this mean?" So let me lay it out. When it starts publication this fall, New Tech Press is the ONLY publication in the United States that features news stories about EDA, Fabless Semiconductor, Semiconductor IP, or Embedded Technology companies with revenues under $50 million dollars on a regular basis. The rest of the trade media that covers those industries will produce only a few features a year that will cover less than 5 percent of the industry. The rest of the coverage in those publications will come from contributed articles or three-paragraph regurgitated news releases.