Only a fool....

The August 13 issue of Forbes has an article (link and you gotta be a member to read it) about a tiny company in the UK making CCTV video analytics). The company has *great technology* but no marketing. They are scraping by on VC money and hoping for a big CCTV camera company will buy the software. The CEO has had several companies, none of which did any marketing (i.e. advertising and PR) and all have failed. On the last page of the article, an analyst says, "Only a fool thinks the industry will be won by the best technology."

Hmmm. Where have I heard that before?

"Technology, no matter how great or innovative, does not make a product successful. Marketing is the key.
A mediocre product with good marketing will always beat a great technology with mediocre marketing." Lou Covey, State of the Media, July 2005.