Time for revolution

There will be a lot of money spent on marketing in the United States this year, according to Adweek and other media watchers. More than $600 billion. That's even more than is at risk right now in subprime mortgages. More than $200 billion of that will be spent on advertising alone and $20 billion on public relations according to PR week. That's real money.
Technology startups are in that mix and the big spenders are in Web 2.0, green tech, and bio. In fact, of the 5000 technology startups in the US (that number comes from Dow Jones) the average amount spent by tech startups is $20,000 per month. That's the mean average, not the median. When I read that (Blackfriars) I said, "Where the heck are those companies?" My agency never sees budgets like that because we live on the bottom end of the of the sampling...fabless semiconductors, electronic design automation, embedded electronics/software. Those guys don't really believe in PR or advertising. In fact, we've done extensive research on these industry nices and have found that about 10 percent of them live in that $20,000 a month realm, another 10 drops down to $10,000 and 5 percent hovers around $5,000. The other 75 percent spend only $15,000 to $30,000 a year total on advertising and public relations combined.
That does have an effect on market perception. Our research shows that companies that spend in the realm of $10,000 a month on PR can expect to see as many as four features stories written about them in different publications and websites in a year. That's a story not based on a news release rewrite or a brief mention in an article about someone else. That's a story where an editor call you up and writes about you and your news.
A $5,000 budget can get you about one. The companies spending less than $30,000 total can expect around one story every four years.
But that's going to change now.
In the EDA world specifically, and soon in the fabless semi world, no publication is doing feature coverage of companies below $50,000,000 in revenue. They don't have the time or personnel to do it any more because advertising revenues are so low. So the $15,000 to $30,000 some companies spend in a year on PR will get them rewritten press releases and some play on Google and Yahoo. Just like 75 percent of the rest of your industry.
Time for a revolution. Check This Out... link.