Steve Weitzner and CMP: Now what?

OK and there this bit of news from Greeley's Ghost. CMP gets all nice and cozy with a new direction for trade media and then they guy who figured it out (Steve Weitzner) goes off to a new job having stepped down as CEO of CMP. Brian Fuller seems pretty bent out of shape over this but I'm actually hoping that it turns out as it did the last time Steve made a job change.

Steve with the editor in chief of EE Times in 1984 and was instrumental in the dismantling of Electronic News as the premiere provider of electronics industry trade news. When he moved over to become chief operating officer for CMP there was widespread handwringing on the PR industry about what was happening to a great magazine and the loss of a great journalist. The move turned out great for the organization and, by the way, eventually gave us Brian Fuller as editor in chief.

Steve is now in charge of international business development and CMP is looking for his replacement, but my optimistic side is saying, keep an eye on what CMP will be doing internationally now. This move could be very good for small companies who want to get international exposure in the global economy. And if you are the publisher of a regional publication, I'd be watching your ad revenues closely.