Ti....ming is everyth...ing

Just finished a brief exchange of emails with Richard Goering, a veteran tech journalist who was among those bounced from EE Times last summer. Richard is not fronting his own online pub (SCDSource.com) covering the EDA industry. We were talking about some announcements coming up at a trade show and whether he would have time to take a meeting with the client. I pretty much knew the answer, but this time his response was very clear.

"The best timing (for announcements) is normally not during a conference. By the time I get to a conference, I'm looking for event coverage and major news, not new products."

I've said it before, but it bears repeating (at least until people get it): Trade shows are NOT a good place to do press meetings, especially on products. You need to meet with the press weeks BEFORE a trade show so that when the news about your product comes out, customers will want to visit your booth.

Stop wasting PR budget money on trade show efforts and start getting strategic.