Shuffling the players

Just heard that EDA Tech Forum is moving from a quarterly supplement in EE Times to a standalone quarterly publication under the RTC Group. That's good news for the EDA World ... sort of.

Paul Dempsey is continuing on as the editor-in-chief and pretty much everything else (he also is a contract editor for a UK pub) and will still write his in-depth pieces. The magazine is still heavily subsidized by Mentor Graphics (one of the only EDA companies that understands the value of advertising). So when you are looking for in-depth coverage of EDA, that's a good magazine to look at, along with Electronic Design and Chip Design.

The bad news for the industry, however, is that with the loss of revenue to EE Times, that means that publication has little reason to cover EDA at all. And Paul doesn't do articles on the the latest version of the Crapfinder Verification tool, so don't ask for meetings about your latest products. He's only interested in what your customers are producing with your products.

By the way, the UK pub Paul works for is not New Electronics. It's the IET internal publication strictly for engineers of all types.