Newsweek just published an article predicting the death of user-generated content. It points out that the reading public is getting leery of the amateur content on the net and is looking for third-party validation.

In the tech world, we've gotten used to being able to throw up contributed articles at little or no cost on what remains of our media. The DesignLine sites at TechInsights were created for exactly that as were IB Systems, SoC Central and Extension Media. Objective journalism is the loss leader in this model. But the ability to differentiate between data and information has always been the hallmark of real journalism. Which was also the subject of an interview on DACzine this week. In that interview by Ed Sperling, the engineers at first were saying they can get whatever information they need from tradeshows and contributed articles, but at the end they had to admit they they no longer have the time or ability to actually filter the information for truth.

The only answers we have folks is to either start advertising again or start paying journalists directly to pick your information apart.