Setting it straight

Part three of my series on marketing and media will come out Monday, but I wanted to take a moment to clarify something and Paul Miller yesterday got a good start on it when he said " It's not just about EDA."

I no longer consider myself an EDA specialist. My agency's clientele is very diverse (from solar energy to enterprise software) We only have one on-going client currrently that intersects with the EDA world but is more at home in the fabless semiconductor arena. Any work we do in EDA is strictly on a one-off project basis and only on a referral or previous relationship-basis. A big reason we don't do much work in EDA is for the very reasons I've been discussing.

But this series is not about EDA. It's about the marketing decisions technology companies are making that shrink the markets when they could be expanding. EDA is an example, not the focus. I use it as the example only because I've watched this very important industry self-destruct over the course of the past decade and its pattern is starting to play out in other important markets including fabless semiconductors, semiconductor equipment and embedded technologies. All these industries are vital to the economies of the world right now and they need to get their act together for all our sakes.

The free press is a cornerstone in democratic societies and it was invented right here in this country. We take it for granted that the media will always be there, but the fact is the free media is disappearing because of our lack of understanding. And the members of the media share in this mess. We'll be getting to them later in the series.

For now, that's my clarification. Thanks to everyone who is participating in the conversation, both on line and on my phone. The fact we are talking about this openly now gives me hope. Have a nice weekend.