Episode IV

I'm at the Embedded Systems Conference this week wearing the New Tech Press hat. TechInsights has recognized this blog as legitimate media so I'm back from the dark side of media (kudos to anyone who gets the reference in this post's title.)

It's an interesting and gratifying contrast to see the reception of new ideas in journalism, compared to what it was 6 months ago. Only a few, recent refugees from the B:B death spiral were willing to give thought to doing journalism different. Today I've had multiple conversations with journalists I haven't seen in months, all still employed in the traditional press, asking about opportunities in the new way of doing things. We're fielding more calls from PR reps and start-ups asking for meetings, than we've been making. It seems like a tide is turning and there are those who see the next wave starting to crest.

Speaking of new ideas, New Tech Press will be publishing its first article, authored by the estimable Brian Fuller, on an up and coming display technology from Europe. Stay tuned. The dawn is coming.