Hearst joins the revolution

On my long list of things to do has been to call Bill Barron, vice
president and publishing director at Hearst Business Communications and have a
chat about New Tech Press.
ever the go-getter, beat me to the punch last week right after the
Microemissive Displays story broke on New Tech Press and the media network.  He wanted to arrange a meeting with his
team about how Hearst could work with us.

So Wednesday, my "homeboy" of business development and I
were on the phone with Bill,
Electronic Products Editorial Director Murray
Slovick, and EP's Managing Editor Bryan DeLuca.
  It wasn't a long call because these guys get what New Tech
Press is doing.
 The bottom line:
Electronic Products and it's sister publications at Hearst are now a part of
the New Tech Press media network.

Electronic Products and the Hearst organization is one of the few bright
spots in BtoB media right now. They understand which way the wind is blowing and
they are setting their sails accordingly. Their business is growing, not only
here but in the Asian market with the
 IDG partnership. Unlike almost everyone else, they have
been investing in building content and editors, but that editorial staff is
still stretched and they have been looking for ways to cost effectively expand
their capabilities.

"It's really pretty obvious that New Tech Press is a good
idea and and excellent source of content.
We'll take as much as we can get," Murray said during the

And we're going to give them as much as possible, specifically
  EP has put a standing video
section on the home page and wants to populate it with real information, not
canned marketing crap.
  Bill and I
had a brief discussion about the EP news section that is populated primarily by
rehashed news releases and the possibility of replacing it all with New Tech
Press content.
  All we have to do
is get it.

So it's up to you guys out there in the electronics world.  You gonna get with the program?

In June, the Design Automation Conference is going on in Anaheim. There
are going to be the remaining editors covering the DAC program, but they won't
have much time for meetings. I know Murray and his crew want to meet with
everyone they can, but there will only be a handful of them at the show so
don't get your hopes up. There will, however, be New Tech Press editors walking
the floor and offering a chance to get into our new video program among other
  It's becoming the
only game in town for the EDA industry now and it's going to become a pretty
exclusive club fairly soon.