The tide is rising. Loosen the anchor or get swamped

I've had several meetings with people in the media industry the past few weeks.  One was just last night..  Something is happening.  I can't really say what right now because I've promised I won't.  But the media world is about to do something I really never expected it would do.  It's going to change the way it does business.  It's going back to the roots of the democratic process of information gathering and it is going to stop relying on the traditional forms of financial support that have caused our current situation.
The problem is that most of the technology industry still thinks that going to trade shows and putting out press releases on the web is the be all and end all of communication strategy; that five to 10 customers is all they have to be concerned about.  When the media makes the transformation, a lot of companies are going to drown, and not just little startups.  This is going to swamp some Fortune 1000 companies.

Stay awake.  Watch this space.