A little insight

I've learned a lot this past week in the people I ran across at the Design Automation conference.  I mentioned a few of those encounters earlier this week.  Things like the impending collapse of the Japanese media due to the same pressures facing media in the US and Europe.  But it wasn't the journalists that surprised me but the conference attendees, industry watchers and the investment community.

John Cooley himself made the comment that EDA companies, particularly the larger companies, are no longer interested in making good technology.  "They're interested in business... in making money."  Investment banker after banker told me the same thing: the financial model is broken and there's nothing worth investing in or even buying.

Yet, all the analysts said EDA is a crucial technology industry.  "They just can't seem to tell their story," one explained on condition of anonymity.

And all the story tellers are going away to cover other industries... or take jobs in house.