... and then there were none. EE Times stops covering news in print

Brian Fuller let the cat out of the bag today about EE Times abandoning the print news weekly format for the thought-piece magazine format. It could be that there will still be weekly publications for a while, but Fuller expects it to drop to a monthly, and much smaller.  That will reduce print costs dramatically and make the book more profitable and with a great editorial staff.

But that means marketing people in electronics and design have no other choice but to compete on the web for news coverage... and from different sources than they are used to working with.  This is actually good news for those who are ready to think strategically in communications, which ain't many companies. So it's bad news for everyone who still thinks they can market like it's 1999.

Companies that will succeed in press relations will be able to place their product and technology in the context of the larger world.  Companies working to make small changes to highly specialized arenas will not get to see many members of the press

Marketing budgets that focus on news releases for market presence can no longer blame the media of the market doesn't understand their message, or see a differentiation.  It's all on the companies now to do that.  So here's a hint, avoid the following words like a passion.

defacto standard
tightly integrated

... and the all time favorite, industry leader (of which there are 6300 today according to Google)

Use any of those words in describing your company, technology or product and you are just like everyone else.  You might want to look into hiring some real writers, rather than engineers to write the releases.