Blogging Birds of a Feather and a plucked chicken

I was not able to schedule my DAC time to attend the Birds of a Feather meeting of EDA bloggers, nor could I make the marketing panel on the use of new media.  I'm looking to JL Gray at CoolVerification to give me the lowdown on that, but he's already helped.  His post earlier this week on the event kinda told me what to expect.  First Rich Goldman of Synopsys, a fine fellow actually, is one of the panelists.  Synopsys recently fired its blogging guru, Ron Ploof as being unnecessary.  There is also Limor Fix from Intel, and the DAC chair, Monika Maeckle, VP of new Media at Business Wire and Rhonda McGee, director of research, at Reed Business.  Not a blogger in the bunch.  I can see Monika as having something to say because BW has a lot of interesting tools to measure new media ... though they are not cheap.  But I'm not sure what value the rest have.  I was thinking most of the panel belongs in the audience.  What is missing are the guys in the trenches, like JL, Harry the ASIC Guy and even Ron Ploof.