Junko Yoshida moves back to the fun side of journalism

I've had my head down for the past few days with green power clients, VCs and media moguls and missed some pretty big news.  In case you missed it too, Brian Fuller broke the news that Junko Yoshida has stepped down from the Editor-in-Chief position at EE Times to go back to covering international news, with a special focus on China.  This is good news for her.  Yoshida is a GREAT reporter and now she has the freedom to do what she does best.  Not sure what it means for EE Times, however.  The still have Rich Nass and Patrick Mannion heading up Embedded.com and Techonline, and they are more than capable of sharing the top spot for the Times, but finding an eventual replacement  for the slot will be tough, even though there are a lot of good news people out on the street now.

Why so tough?  Because running a major B:B publication news room is like being on the Titanic while Palestinian terror groups are deciding who gets to be first in the life rafts.  Everyone is still looking forward to reading the stuff, but the people who are supposed to be supporting their efforts abandoned ship before the iceberg hit (that would be the companies that get their stuff written about, in case you were wondering).  Fuller got off while the getting was good last year and Junko wasn't all that thrilled to be taking over then, as I heard.

So we can look forward to some great coverage of international technology trends in the next few months, thanks to EE Times and Junko, not that many out there will actually be willing to show their gratitude.

And, no, David.  I don't want the job either.  ;)