Do we need filters?

It's amazing how some things just start coming together.  A couple of days ago Brian Fuller posited a position that the reading public just doesn't seem to care if what they are reading, watching or listening to is objective.  That same day I had a conversation with a young man who doesn't believe anything in the media is objective... period.  Yesterday, however, I met with two companies who now see the lack of objectivity as a real problem because their self-serving contributed articles are no longer making any impact on their marketing and sales efforts ... which means their entire marketing and sales effort is pretty much useless because they don't do advertising, they have no press to talk to and their news releases suck because they have no one who can write to help them.

So, my Austin partner, Joe Basques and I sat down yesterday to have a conversation about it.  We're also opening the discussion on the Marketing like it's 1999 Facebook Group.  Let's hear what you all have to say about it.  Here's the podcast.