IdaRose Analyzes the Situation

Over the years I've developed a few favorite industry
influencers and IdaRose
is one of them. 
She's just a fun person on top of being very smart.  IdaRose was most recently a senior
analyst for the semi industry at IDC and got caught in the Spring layoff cycle
at the organization.  That's a big
loss for everyone.  Now she's out
in the world trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up and is
doing some custom work for the Telecomm industry in the mean time.

We specifically got together to talk about Jeremiah
recent post regarding what he perceives is the morphing of
analysts into reporters, reporters into analysts and everyone doing it on the
blogosphere.  As usual, she had her
own opinions and I think they make the entire conversation more
interesting.  Check
it my podcast with her.
  There are some moments in the conversation where she's probably glad I didn't video tape this.  Her expression answered the questions much more directly than what she eventually let out.  I edited most of the long pauses out, but there was one that I decided to keep my reaction in.  It was fun.

Also, check out the new theme song for the podcasts
that I created myself using Garageband. 
I call it the NTP Blues.