In case you missed it ...

John Ford at the DFTDigest blog asked a question about the EE Times Edge, like, what is it?   He figured it out, but for the rest of you who might have missed a big change in the electronics media, the EE Times newspaper we have enjoyed for many years has gone away.  It has been replaced by the Edge, a magazine format analysis publication.  You won't find product announcements and news anywhere but online at and their associated DesignLine sites.  In fact, pretty much the only news you will find are your rewritten news releases.

It costs less because there is less paper so TechInsights will make more profit off the publication.  The editors are not going to be taking meetings with you to discuss your product announcements and little victories because they are going to be looking at the big picture now.  You're going to have to demonstrate how you fit if you want to talk to them.  Personally, I think the 'zine is dynamite.  Especially check out Loring Wirbel's coverage of the VC world.

This is the present and future you've created.  Congratulations.