Investment = Success / Not IF but WHEN

By Joe Basques

I was
reading Lou's post about the marketing guy finally getting it and it made me
think about another conversation I had with a potential client.
We were contacted by this new company
recently to talk about working on a PR / Marketing program.
They contacted us because they were
impressed with the level of success we brought to a previous client.
In their own words our previous client
“was able to sell their simple technology for a huge sum of money because of
the image VitalCom created for them.”

When the
talk turned to budget… well, let’s just say it was nowhere near the budget of
our previous client who was so successful even though that budget was the
smallest VitalCom had ever worked with.

I had to explain that our previous client was successful because he made
an appropriate investment in marketing and public relations.
That investment got him noticed. That investment and attention paid off
big time when he was able to sell his small company for millions of dollars.

At the end
of the day our goal is to help each and every one of our client companies BE
SUCCESSFUL not just put out press releases.
Too many companies are focused on putting out “X” number of
press releases in a year or “X” number of contributed articles, when in fact,
what they actually need are blogs, podcasts, video podcasts, press releases,
contributed articles, third party validation etc.
In other words, an entire communications package to start a
market conversation to be successful.

As I said, ultimately our goal is to make every client company

If you ask us
to do this with only press releases and contributed articles it’s like going
into a mixed martial arts fight with two arms tied behind your back rather than
having every resource available.

You’re going to get pummeled. For those of you who think my anology is a
little over the top, make no mistake about it, there is nothing short of a
battle going on to get your message out there.

you’re serious about being successful, the question is not IF you’ll make the
investment, but WHEN.
If you want
to be successful from the start you make the investment from the start.
If you’re a small / new company that
doesn’t have the resources available to fill the quiver with arrows, but you
sincerely want to be successful, there are things we can do to help get you
those resources.
Success =
The size of your
investment = the size of your success. Why not start now?
Ultimately, it’s not about the
It’s about success.