Let me hold your hat while you and him fight.

OK, so I'm reading this opinion piece by a guy who says what's really wrong are entrepreneurs and VCs in SiliconValley are not willing to take any risks anymore; that the way out of the problem is to find more risk takers.  This guy makes his living advising small companies and helping them find funding.  I go, "OK.  This guy seems to understand the problem."  So I send him an e-mail asking him what he's willing to risk to help start-up companies with disruptive approaches.

He says, "Oh I'm not involved in that anymore.  You should go talk to some guys in Silicon Valley."

Can we make a rule that before you are allowed to start to rant about a problem, that you'd at least be willing to make some effort to resolve the problem?  What's that?  No? Alright.  Just thought I'd ask.