Unconfimed: McGrath returns to EE Times

Got a hot rumor today and I'm working on confirming it.  Dylan McGrath who left EE Times a couple of years ago to take an internal position at Autodesk, has come back.  Some of the rumors say he's come back to cover EDA, but that doesn't make a lot of sense since Techinsights recently decided to pull EDA news into the EDA DesignLine.  I know Mark Lapedus has been overwhelmed in covering the semiconductor industry all by his lonesome and Dylan was splitting some of that duty with Mark before he left, so that combination makes sense.

But EE Times has also been looking to replace Junko Yoshida who is scheduled to return to covering world news and trends.  So it's possible they may have found Junko's replacement internally and Dylan is being brought in to fill that empty spot.

If this is true, it's good news for the electronics industry.  Dylan was always a prolific, approachable and engaged journalist.  I just hope he doesn't burn out again.