Some positive news for a change

Brian Fuller reported today that Richard Wallace was taking over the EiC seat at EE Times and Techonline, which would be good news if it weren't true.  The truth is even better.

Wallace, vice president of international operations and editorial director for Techinsights, will oversee the editorial content development for both EE Times and Techonline as well as lead the integration of both organizations.  This means that Junko Yoshida will have help in her overwhelming job of leading EE Times print and online, as well as the international beat.  And Patrick Mannion and Rich Nass at Techonline and Embedded Systems Design print and online will have similar support.

Talking with Rich on the phone this morning, he explained that the disparate arenas of Techinsights have never been fully integrated.  Each operated separately, although the team leaders al interacted with each other on a daily basis.  While EE Times is well known as a "print" publication, it actually is more powerful in it's online presence, but that presence is largely separate from Techonline and ESD online and in print.

I know from experience that getting people to understand where all three connect and separate is not easy.  As a media relations consultant, I understand it because I work with it daily.  But the companies that knew how it worked 10 years ago are confused.  Rich will be very helpful in demonstrating and further integrating the relationships.

Rich is an experienced and solid journalist who "gets" new media technology.  And he knows things have to change if we want to see a strong press return to technology.

I'm thrilled