Another loss as things change at eWeek

Sam Whitmore reported that Wayne Rash, the tech analyst that oversaw eWeek's Knowledge Center was lid off in connection to a site redesign.  The "center" was the place where contributed content resided.  It's still on the overall site but the tab has disappeared from the home page.  Loring Wirbel, in an email, reminded me that Wayne had been at CMP for many years before moving over to eWeek.

Besides losing another good journalist the decision to downplay contributed content on the site is ominous for traditional PR.  Without sufficient editorial staff, a publicist doesn't have anyone to pitch stories to.  That leaves placing contributed articles.  But publications are backing away from that content now.  So all you have left to work with is news releases.

Over at Greeley's Ghost, Brian Fuller is predicting the end of PR as we know it.  I don;t think he's far from wrong.