Opus and the fate of newspapers

Really busy week.  Not much time for thought.  But read an article in the SF Chron about Berkeley Breathed shutting down his comic strip, Opus, this Sunday.  His primary reason, other than being disillusioned at the rancor in political discourse, is that the young people he is trying to reach with Opus don't read newspapers, and the only people that remember his previous strip , Bloom County, are not the people he wants to reach.

We all know this is true, but here's the real irony:

My 19-year-old son started reading the Chronicle for the Opus strip, reading the rest of the paper after he had finished it and using Breathed's perspective to put the news into context.  Opus is more responsible for my son's politics and social view point than any political leader.  Now he says without Opus, he has no desire to read the Chronicle.

Breathed's reason for quitting has become a self-fufilling prophesy.