What a week.

I know I'm remiss in getting on with the series on the profession of journalism and I apologize for that.  But the discussion I started with this blog over a year ago is starting to do one of the things I hoped it would do... bring me in some business.  (Yes, Ron W, I admit the blog is an effort to increase revenue for the PR side of the business, but then that's always been the point).

What is exciting about the business opportunities has been where they have come from, and it is not where I expected.  In the past three weeks I've talked to law firms, accounting firm, representatives of Consul Generals from various countries, venture capitalists, real estate developers and CEOs of chambers of commerce from different parts of the country.  All of these really interesting people are looking for ways to do communications differently.

So it has sucked up a lot of time, plus I have clients that want me to do something for them from time to time... and then there is New Tech Press.  I hope to get to part four next week, but in the meantime, courage.  Things seem to be moving up and to the right.