Cary Snyder dives into social media head first.

Cary Snyder, one of the journalists/engineers I've read and enjoyed over the years, emerged out of the blue last week to ask my opinion of his new experiment in social media, Beyond USB 3.0  My first glance at it is that he's doing a good job with a very complex, highly technical and very important technology, specifically USB.  

Why is it very important? Well, let's just point out that Apple issued their new Macs without the FireWire interface that Apple helped develop, and just has USB ports now.  That's a pretty damn good endorsement. Although it screws me on my video camera set up.

But I digress.  The fact that a good tech journalist is ready to go out an do something in social media, more than just a blog, is great news.  

Cary and I will be talking in the near future regarding working together on New Tech Press and I, for one, could not be happier.