Hookin' up with IdaRose

Had coffee yesterday with my
favorite tech analyst,
.  I
did a podcast with her back
in July after she got caught up in the latest
round of layoffs at IDC (she was a senior semiconductor analyst with them).

This time we weren't just
shooting the breeze, catching up or discussing the world economic situation.
  We had business to do. 

I've been alluding,
tweeting, and "status-ing" about a little project I've been working
on for a while … about two years, actually.
  The project has been bringing Silicon Valley VC expertise
together with European tech entrepreneurs.
  I needed just one little piece to put it all together:
third-party analysis.

So I'm happy to say that
IdaRose Sylvester will be providing objective market analysis for presenting
companies at the
VComm Venture
, January 20, 2009 in Redwood City, California.

You'll be hearing more.