SCD Source still kicking

Just got an email from Francine Bacchini at SCD Source (not a personal email, but a blast one) stating categorically that the online publication is still alive, even though the content volume is reduced, due to lack of revenue.  She also states that the publication is not a pay-for-play outfit and that it is still supported by advertising revenue.  That revenue comes from fees to publish news releases and collateral material, create online audio panels about your subject matter, produce sponsored special reports and supplier listings.

"News coverage is NEVER guaranteed to those who advertise, and the purchase of an ad is NEVER required for news coverage to be provided. Any and all news coverage decisions continue to rest solely with the editor-in-chief to the budget level that monthly ad sales will allow. "

So the model is about the same as that of every other publication; supported by advertising and the amount of content is determined by the amount of advertising sold.  No advertising, no content.