The death of a PR agency

Last year I wrote that I'm totally committed to the concept of social media especially as it relates to technology startups.  I said then that I had not taken a traditional PR client in a year and could not recommend anyone hire anyone else to do traditional PR anymore.  Some readers gave me a thumbs up and others asked if I was feverish.  It is a significant step forward for a former traditional journalist turned PR pro to take, especially one who can smell the social security checks coming over the hill, but I meant it.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you say because you will often be asked to back it up at some point. That happened to me and my little PR firm, VitalCom, this week.  As of 4:30 p.m. Pacific time, VitalCom's vital signs ceased after a lengthy illness.  One client has changed it's commitment to traditional PR and is considering a social media platform at a significantly lower cost, and the one client we had that was still operating in a traditional PR program, cancelled their contract.

What was even more interesting is before the last bit of news, I was in a new business meeting with a potential client who wanted to know what kind of PR program I could offer.  I said I don't do PR.

That doesn't mean I'm out of business.  The potential that came out of VComm last week is tremendous.  We have found a vibrant audience in the VC community who, in stark contrast to conventional wisdom, are very anxious to invest in real innovation.  there are companies who have compelling stories and realize that what everyone knows as PR no longer works.

VitalCom was good to me.  I'll have fond memories.  And after a period of mourning, I'll move on.  Anyone coming with me?