When press releases kill their owners

Brian Fuller did an interesting post Wednesday about his favorite subject, vendor as publisher, but also got into a discussion on press releases and their relative value... which he and I agree is pretty low right now. What got me started on this post was a call I got from a small publication publisher who was thinking about offering a news release writing service for companies, cutting out the PR professional from the mix.  

I did my best to dissuade him from the idea, simply because press releases are just a huge waste of time and money for the most part.  Companies big and small put hours and hours of time and money into these documents because they think it is giving them "visibility" on the web.  They never stop to think that almost every release reads exactly the same, whether it's a plain old vanilla release or a fancy schmancy social media release with a bunch of bold words and links.  Most release provide no real information and are "committeed" to death to make sure it says as little as possible.

Moreover, hardly anyone outside of the marketing departments, exec staff and board of the companies, and the sales departments of the competition actually reads them.

There are other ways, as Brian points out, that are much more valuable to the industry.  It's about time everyone realized that.

With that in mind, a new podcast with Paul Miller of Techinsights will be coming to this site soon.