A ray of light...

I've mentioned our VComm event from last January a couple of times and the results are still emerging.  Today, however, I got an unsolicited response from one of the Scottish companies that participated.  Actually got a little teary reading it.

"VComm represented an excellent introduction to the American venture capital scene. Not only was the room filled with the right people – they were warmed up, welcoming and ready to invest. The online training from the organizers was fantastic for the novice presenter and seasoned campaigner alike. Your YouTube and New Tech Press videos concisely focused on the key message and importantly only took ten minutes out of the viewer's day. 

"By following your hints and tips on successful presenting we have been approached by 5 VC’s with an interest in investing. In turn the venture community is now talking about us and we have seen an uplift in our web traffic stateside as a direct result. The most significant development has actually happened 6 weeks after the event via a referral from one VC to another – that result is one of the largest venture capital funds in the world have requested a conference call with us and want to go to the next level.


"The American culture is aligned with ours, but at the same time - totally different! They want to invest and make decent returns – but are far more willing to invest larger sums with a higher risk – and ultimately net higher yields.


"VComm is an ideal opportunity to enter the “get to know you” phase of that relationship and represents a golden opportunity for any Scottish Company wishing to go down this path. VComm opened the door and enabled that process. Follow the advice and you can’t go far wrong!"

I told you I know what I'm doing.