Random thoughts from a tradeshow

I was down in San Jose to meet with a company about a social media program and as potential fodder for New Tech Press and, since I was in the neighborhood, dropped into DVCon to see what was up.

Not much, it seems.  I'm going back tomorrow because some questions popped up in the conversations so I'm going back to get answers.  But there were some things that surprised me, frankly.
First, apparently some people are taking what I write about seriously and considering it.  That's good news.  So there is hope out there.  Now we need some people who will act on it seriously.
Second, Sean Murphy spotted me and said "I thought you had given up on EDA!"  I can see why he thinks that considering I think most of the marketing in EDA is brain dead, but I'm not alone in that.  Let me be clear:  I think EDA is a fascinating industry that has the potential to be much more than it is.  But the problem is that most of the people who run the companies in EDA don't really know what that potential is and, as a result, continue to try to tell a story that no longer has any relevance in the market they serve.  That's why it isn't really growing, no matter what Wally Rhines says.
So, Sean, I haven't really given up on EDA.  It's more that EDA has given up on itself and is waiting for the cheese to return
So I'll be back down in San Jose tomorrow to get some questions answered.  I'll have my video equipment with me and if I find an interesting story, it will go up on New Tech Press.  But so you are prepared, the primary readers of New Tech Press are turning out to be CFOs and venture capitalists, so we are tuning our coverage to their needs.  The remaining traditional press is doing a fine job digging out the minutiae of your technologies.  What I want to know is what will make the CFO sign off on the PO for your product and how you are different from everyone else that says the same thing as you.  If you have that kind of information, give me a tweet and I'll drop by.