Breaking the Cycle of Frivolous Marketing

By Joe Basques

Frivolous - self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose –

I’ve had three very similar conversations with three different colleagues this week.  I’ll spare you the specifics, but the conversations went something like this…

ME: Hey, with DAC just around the corner I thought I would check in and see if you needed any help with your marketing plans and preparation.

THEM: No, unfortunately we’re not doing anything in that area.  We’re planning on putting out a press release and that’s about it.

ME:Well, you know that’s not going to produce any results, right?

THEM: Yeah, we know, but it’s what we’re going to do.

These guys know they should do something in the area of communications but they're not sure what. They do what they always do, without any real thought or purpose, even though they know it will be inefficient and ineffective, hoping to raise company profits. Companies are doing things the way they have always been done because they don't want to explore other areas that might be more effective, because it will take away budget from efforts they KNOW will be ineffective.

This is the demonstration of frivolous marketing. 

The real question you should be asking is not “how much will it cost us to implement these new strategies, but rather “how much will it cost us if we DON’T implement these new tools.”  Harnessing the power of new technology can help you reach your goals even in these tough times.   I’ve got news for those of you who haven’t been paying attention.  When we do get to the other side, the landscape will be totally different than what we’re used to, so now is a great time to look in to new and exciting more efficient and effective ways of communicating.  Putting new processes and practices in place now will prepare you for the good things to come down the road.  

If you’re at a lost for where to begin and what you should be looking for in an efficient and effective communications program, leave a comment or give us a call.  Implementing a new plan probably doesn’t cost as much as you think.  NOT implementing an efficient, effective plan will cost you more than you could ever imagine…it may even cost you your company.