Looking for leaders

Everyone likes to say they're leaders.  In fact, in the past week alone, more than 21,000 companies around the world have called themselves "a leader" in something according to Google.  But if we have so many leaders, why aren't we going anywhere?

Footwasher Media and New Tech Press have decided to do something to find at least one real leader in the technology world.  If you think you are a leader ... or you know a company of investor you think is a leader, let us know and the best candidate will be given an unsponsored video interview on New Tech Press.  Here are the guidelines:

1. Anyone can recommend any company, including their own

2. The nominated company must have a product or technology that is truly game changing.  The technology can't be an incremental improvement over an existing technology but a complete restructuring of the way things are done.  For example, when ARM and Rambus first came onto the scene, not a lot of people really got the idea of companies that sold ONLY intellectual property for semiconductor design.  But almost two decades later, they are the leaders in the Semiconductor IP space, having created the space itself.

3.  The investor nominee (angel or VC)must have taken a lead position in an A round in the past two years and not in a Web 2.0 or green tech company.  Remember that we are looking for leaders.  Everyone is jumping on Web 2.0 and green tech because that's where all the hype is.  An investor who takes a lead in one of those areas is just following the crowd.  We want an investor that is looking to really change the world.  A contrarian you might say.  We're looking for someone or some organization that sees a problem that needs fixing because there is big money to be made, jobs to be offered, and lives to be changed for the better.

So, let's hear from you leaders out there.  You know who you are.  Let's make some noise.