Dropping the ball on Electronic Products

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Hearst laying off Murray Slovick and said I would follow up to see if there were any other losses.  One of my readers, who I only know as Industry Maven, said there were a bunch more.  And Hearst's Bill Barron popped up today to point out I hadn't followed through on checking out the details.  

And that's my bad.  

What I did find out was that, at least for Electronic Products and the publications I normally deal with, Murray was the only editorial casualty.  Most of what was let go was support and advertising personnel.  What it looks like was Hearst made the decision to cut back on support staff and keep feet-on-the-ground editorial, which is commendable in this day and time.  I could find no support for the contention that entire publications had been dumped.

Sorry to have dropped the ball, Bill