Lack of publications is filling up email boxes

Here's something to think about.  Suzanne Deffree at EDN tweeted yesterday that she took a couple of days off and came home to fine over 800 valid emails waiting for her (not viagra spam).  She first wondered if she was "super popular" but then realized that the missives were from PR people desperately searching for journalists to write about their latest widget update (note, Semicon is going this week and DAC in two weeks).

So what happens when the journalists still employed find their inboxes tripling in volume?  You probably start getting lost, even if you have a good relationship with them.

Another tweet from JL Gray was asking what to do with PR meeting requests, so the age of Blogolism is finally getting traction in the EDA world, and just in time.  Hardly any press left.  That should take some of the burden off the press, but maybe engineers will start finding out just how bad engineers are as communicators.