End of summer, and my social media calendar starts filling

I can't quite say August was dead, but I wasn't hearing much from anyone out there.  Lots of meetings getting postponed, lots of writing, lots of editing, lots of thinking.  I was up until midnight last night finishing editing the DAC audio interviews when the emails, Facebook and Twitter messages started coming in.  As of now, I'm tentatively scheduled to give seminars on social media practices to Central Valley businesswomen, Northern California pastors, and SF Peninsula real estate professionals.  What about the tech companies?  Oh they're still trying to figure out if they need to get into social media at all.  Either that, or they are jumping in like they were killing chickens (heard that phrase over the weekend and thought it was incredibly appropriate).

Last week I visited the Twitter offices because you can't find an email address, phone number and name of anyone in the marketing and PR departments without a presidential order and, as my business partner tweeted, it was easier for Dorothy to get into see the wizard of Oz than for anyone to get into see anyone at Twitter.  That caused me to wonder if the social media tribe is about to make a big mistake in reaching the potential market with the real money.  So I dropped a line to Brian Solis at PR 2.0 and we're going to be talking about that very thing this week, so stay tuned.

This week we get serious about VComm 2.0, because we're already getting calls and emails on it from VCs and potential presenters and it doesn't happen until January.  And more of the DAC podcasts go up too.  So it looks like summer is over.