Math anxiety at the Design Automation Conference

OK, just so everyone knows, I thought DAC this year was pretty good.  I met a lot of interesting people and got a pretty good handle on the state of the EDA industry (really bad but with several bright spots and hope for the future.

Then the number started coming out. 

I'm not a math whiz.  In fact, I suffered math anxiety all through school, so this stuff makes my head hurt, and I need the help of all you engineering types out there to help me figure this out.

The preliminary numbers for DAC 2009 were 5135

The final numbers reported for DAC 2008 were 4828

The preliminary numbers for DAC 2007 were "over 5100" (no definitive number was reported that I could find).

The news release from DAC July 29 said DAC 2009 was up 12 percent from 2008 and 3 percent from 2007.

So you engineers, correct me if I'm wrong.  For 2009 to be 3 percent higher than 2007, either 2007's "5100" has to be below 5100, right?  3 percent of 5100 is approximately 153, right.  That would make 2009 have to be 5250 at least.

And for 2009 to be 12 percent above 2008, the final would have to be 5406, right?

And one other question, how many people took advantage of the scholarships, and does that skew the numbers any?

Like I said, math anxiety.  Any help would be appreciated.