The view from the boys in the press room

I did a boatload of podcast interviews with EDA companies at DAC in July and on my last day I got together with Dylan McGrath and Nic Mokhoff of EE Times regarding the issue of how the industry is communicating with its customer base. I think it’s interesting to note that while Dylan kinda agrees with me that he doesn’t see the evidence that engineers get all the information they need by talking to each other amd getting it off press releases, Nic generally agrees that engineers can get all the information they need off the web now, and will be able to do it even better in the future. What that means for traditional media, they aren’t sure.

Note: The sound level on this is a bit wonky because my computer was trying to balance my big mouth with Nic’s soft basso. You’ll probably have to turn up the sound to hear Nic.