AT&T throws business away with bad social media outreach

Is anyone paying attention to how horribly AT&T is doing in it's pissing contest with Verizon?  Who the heck is in charge of their marketing?

In case you've been ignoring the commercials, Verizon has been dissing AT&T's 3G coverage with map comparisons showing the Verizon coverage beating the crap out of AT&T.  AT&T has come back with pitchman/actor Luke Wilson saying, "nuh uh, we're better."  All typical stuff.

But then AT&T is using Facebook pages to build good will by CUTTING OFF people who say their service sucks.  WTH!

That's a great example of how not to use social media.  You're supposed to listen to complaints and do something about it.

For the record, I don't use either AT&T or Verizon.  I'm a TMobile guy.  Yes, I know it's number 3 in the US and I don't get to have an iPhone.  But the reason I stay with TMobile is how they do customer service through social media, telephone, web presence, etc.  Every time I call up with an issue, and it isn't often, the person I'm talking with does a review to see if they can get me a lower rate.  

There was a time I could not get cell coverage in my home.  It took a while, but after a couple of call, TMobile sent out someone to adjust the tower in my neighborhood and, boom, coverage in the home.  When I go to Europe, while I'm waiting for my luggage I turn on my phone and, boom, coverage, all while I watch AT&T customers curse at their phones because they can't get a signal.  How do they do that, because they use social media program to get real customer feedback, not just try to seem responsive.

You can't control your messages anymore. Your market controls the message.  And if you don't listen to them, you won't be able to enter into the conversation.