Brian Solis, Twitter and the social media bell curve

There's a couple of social media gurus I follow not only because I'm interested in the subject, but only a few seem to be able to extol the benefits while recognizing the weaknesses.  In that small group is Brian Solis, CEO of Futureworks PR (their site is on Facebook), and my apologies for saying the name wrong in the intro.  For some time, people who follow me and Brian have been telling me he and I need to hook up and talk concepts and issues and we've been trying to coordinate out calendars for some time.  Finally happened a couple of weeks ago over the phone.  We talked for almost an hour about a variety of things but the primary focus was on Twitter and how they are doing a great job at hampering their own growth.  And, as a side note, how the rest of the social media industry should pay attention and NOT do it the way they are.

Anyone out there in the Twitter family should pay attention.  Here's the discussion.