Facebook: not just an American fad

Met a guy recently named Arnold Waldstein, a mover and shaker in the social media world as a consultant and investor.  He recently had a post on the growth of Facebook in third world countries.  It does a good job of throwing out the concept that Facebook is only reaching people in the US.

Yes, the US is number one at almost 109 million growing at 64 percent annually and the UK is a distant second at 24 million at 40 percent growth.  But Turkey is number three and growing at 129 percent.  Indonesia is growing at 187 percent and jumped from 7th to 4th in one year.  Even the Philippines beat out Spain and Austraila.

And the growth is not attributed to the ownership of computers.  It's based on the use of internet cafes and smart phones.

Business is being done in very different ways then what we are used to.