How to get started in social media

I was having a discussion with a potential client about establishing a social media program.  They were under directive from corporate central to do this, but they were having a problem.  Central required that EVERYTHING that was to be said had to pass review at Central.  As a result, anything they put out in blogs, tweets, Facebook, etc. was weeks old before it got out.  It made their efforts useless.  They didn't know what to do about it.

"So tell them that," I said.  "Tell them that getting every word approved before it goes out negates the value of a social media exercise.  It's imperative that the suits at central trust that you can follow a prescribed but loose set of parameters -- ones that can always be adjusted -- but they can't sit on decisions that you have to make on the fly."

So they did.  And guess what?  The suits said, "Oh.  That makes sense.  Do that."

Sometimes it is that easy.