I've been waiting for DFT Digest to come back from the holidays and finally dropped a line to John Ford to find out what was up. Turns out that the stuff of life has eased out John's blogging time, which is unfortunate on two levels.
One, John had just started to try to market the site as a way to bring some income in (selling advertising), and unsurprisingly, it didn't happen. So the industry's lack of marketing will is still in effect. If it wasn't, John might have had a reason to continue.
Two, there just wasn't much decent coverage of design for test issues and technology and that really ticks me off. DFT is one of the more important issues in semiconductor design, it isn't fun, and the people that do it labor in far too much obscurity.
But then, if companies involved in DFT were more committed to letting people know what they do, people like John might still be around covering stuff... and Logic Vision might still be viable company rather than a cheap acquisition.