One more thing...

Ok, I said my last post was the last of the week, but I had to add this, because it's really confusing. I'd like to know what you guys think.

Last week I reported that Robert Cravotta was let go at EDN in the take over by Canon Communications.  I was pretty hot about it and just didn't understand how they could do that.  Of course I started getting all kinds of DM's IM's, emails and phone calls asking if I knew anything else withe lots of suppositions, but I heard one rumor that sounded interesting.  So I called a buddy who has connections inside Reed and asked if he had heard the same thing.  He had.  But it was still hearsay.  So earlier this week I put a call into Canon Communications LA office, navigated blindly through the voice mail maze and got a human being.  I identified myself.  He didn't want to identify himself.  I asked if he knew about the decision to let go of Robert Cravotta and if so, does he know the reasoning.

He said, "EDN already has someone covering consumer electronics."  And then he hung up.

OK, so that didn't confirm the rumor.  It caused a lot of questions.  Brian Dipert does a lot of consumer electronics stuff, so maybe the guy was talking about him.  So it's true.  But that didn't really answer my question about why Robert was let go, because he covers CPUs, DSPs, microprocessors ... not consumer electronics.

Oh, yeah.  The rumor.  The rumor was, Canon doesn't know the difference between a CPU and a desktop computer.

So I'm at a loss regarding what all this means.  Robert is a really smart guy.  He'll be OK.  Hope to see him at ESC this year and talk over the future of B2B publishing.