Google learns late, but it learns takes Google to task today as hypocritical in demanding human rights in China as a requirement for getting business from the west.  They quote co-founder Sergey Brin in an interview with The Guardian today, who urges government and businesses to join in standing against state censorship, and point out that Google was in China for four years before pushing this idea.

I'm going to give a big thumbs up to Google for getting religion now.  For almost two decades our business and government has been saying that once China sees how great it is to have free enterprise, they will learn the virtue of real freedom... and we can all get rich together.  But oppression of the masses has been part of Chinese society for millennia and thinking that making a few billion is going to change that is ridiculous.

Google has learned a tough lesson.  Money doesn't fix everything.  If people want to join the party, they have to work within the party confines and not take over.

Google has learned that non-involvement is probably a better, if less immediately profitable way to go.

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