A tiny move forward...

In preparing for my workshop with the Assemblies of God this week, I put the final touches on my new website for Footwasher Media and redirected the URL for VitalCom Marketing and Public Relations.  This isn't a big deal for most people... but it is for me.

I've owned the Footwasher Media URL for about 10 years and have been thinking about what I wanted to do with it for that long.  I could have hired a web designer to do something fancier with it, but I wanted to take a crack at doing it myself so it reflected the look and feel I had in my head, but more importantly, so it said exactly what I've been trying to put together in my head for 10 years.  

It isn't fancy. It has a few nice features, including links and feeds from all my social media efforts.  But starting today, it's a whole new world for me and my tribe.