... on a more positive note ...

After getting the stuff about PowerPoint out of my system I failed to say what a positive experience the IMTC 2025 Virtual Conference was for me.

IMTC (The International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium) is a non profit organization of Internet application developers and service,hardware and software suppliers, telecom companies end users, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profit corporations. Such luminary member companies as Cisco, Polycom and AT&T participate to facilitate real-time, rich-media communications around the world. in other words, they do live video broadcast technology and promotion.  This is an area I think is going to be a wave of the future and could replace multiple trade shows and conferences.

They used Scopia, a relatively new technology from Radvision in Israel that allowed speakers and even participants to have live conversations, similar to what is being provided by Ustream and Vpype, but significantly deeper.  As expected, the newness of the tech had some unexpected problems and it took some time to get everything coordinated, but overall, the experience was great.  I plan to look into it more deeply.